A guide to living local in Southern New Hampshire


Local Businesses Local Farms

Local Businesses Local Farms

Learn here how local entrepreneurs fulfill their goals of sustainability, community-mindedness and a commitment to the environment.

Explore diverse local agriculture, and enjoy Laromay local lavender!

We've got stories and listings for local ice cream stands!

NH local farms and businesses



Best Local Shops Farmers Markets

Best Local Shops Farmers Markets

We put our money where our heart is. Learn where to shop local and support your neighborhood businesses, artisans and artists.

Have you seen what's happening in Nashua?

These brothers built a local business to light your fire.

Southern NH shopping & markets


Resturants Local Grocers

Restaurants Local Grocers

We like to know where our food comes from. Join us and eat local. We profile chefs, restaurants, grocers, growers, and markets.

Pickity Place offers herbs and superb luncheons with local fare.

Robie's brings life to town with locally sourced food and crafts.

Locavore food & dining


Local Events Things to Do

Local Events Things to Do

Celebrate our communities through fairs, music, festivals, the arts and family events. Have fun and learn. 

Our events calendar is blooming with food festivals, music, outdoor activities, art, tons of gardening, new cooking classes and watch out for monsters!

Support your local shops and farms.

Things to do in Southern NH