A guide to living local in New Hampshire

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Shops & Markets

We put our money where our heart is. Learn where to shop local and support your neighborhood businesses, artisans and artists.

Getting Healthy the Right ‘Weigh’

Weight loss is hard. There’s no way to sugar coat it. The team of licensed health care and nutrition experts at Nutrition in Motion feel they can help. The staff developed something they call the “Right Weigh!” — individualized plans to help get Granite Staters on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

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Spring Farms Market Listings

The snow is gone and it's time for some spring farmers markets! Read More >>>

Put Some Spring in Your Sip

A spring tonic? Just what the doctor ordered. That is, if the physician practiced in 1819.

Back in the day, it was thought that a spring tonic concocted from the season’s first greens would cure a handful of minor ailments, not to mention cabin fever and the winter blahs.

The Oxford Dictionary defines a tonic as a “medicinal substance given to increase vigor or well-being,” though New Englanders of certain age apply the term to soft drinks.

Dandelion tea was the preferred option for many. The beverage was made by steeping the plant’s dried roots to prepare a restorative potion. The early-blooming flowers were prized and were often grown in herb gardens... Read More >>>

Stonyfield Practices Earn B Corp. Certification

New Hampshire’s own Stonyfield is a role model for businesses all over the world aiming to make good products, do good for the community and commit to the safety of the environment - all at the same time.

The Londonderry-based organic yogurt producer has never veered from its dedication to the organic food movement and sustainability since it was founded 36 years ago by Samuel Kaymen and Gary Hirshberg.

With the idea that “healthy food means healthier people, healthier business, and a healthier planet,” according to its website, “Today that idea has caught on. And we’re happy to lead — and feed — the charge.” Read More >>>

A Space for Local Makers at Marketplace New England

Laura Miller is the proprietor of Marketplace New England in Concord. It is a store where local artists and small businesses may exhibit and sell their work.

But she is not satisfied with simply providing a retail space, she wants to create a facility for them to make things, too.

“I had the idea for a makers’ space about 12 years ago, but I wasn’t been able to put my thoughts into practice until last summer,” Miller said recently as a handful of shoppers stepped in from Main Street to browse. “My passion is to help people pursue their passion.”

It takes more than talent to create something special. You have to have the right equipment and find a workspace, too. That’s the idea behind Making Matters NH, a makers’ place and business incubator planned by Miller and a band of about 30 devoted volunteers... Read More >>>

Pickles & Penny Candy: Longstanding General Stores Purvey Necessities and Nostalgia

General stores are not just a convenience in New Hampshire. They’re a lasting testimony to pragmatism, resourcefulness and local commerce.

The iconic landmarks have been around for more than 200 years in the Granite State. Some have flourished, and others have not.

The secret? Give people what they want — and that may differ from town to town or generation to generation for that matter.

Calef’s Country Store in Barrington is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. It’s a remarkable achievement for the shop that began in a spare room in Mary Calef’s home and has weathered the changes in popular taste from completion of the first transcontinental railroad to the digital age... Read more >>>

Winter Farmers' Markets

Summer may be over, but you can still shop local at these fabulous winter farmers' markets! Read more >>>

Everything's Better in Exeter

A central bandstand. Check. A riverside park. Check. A walkable downtown with boutiques, restaurants and book shops. Check. A rich slice of American history. Check.

Exeter checks all the boxes.

“It is the quintessential New England town, not only in appearance, but in community; it’s multi-generational and everybody gets along.” said Kath Gallant, owner of Blue Moon Evolution, a fully organic, farm-to-table restaurant in Exeter. “You can’t walk down the street without being greeted by friends and participating in several conversations.” Read more >>>

Furniture Meant for Memories

This time of year, furniture takes on special importance. Holiday feasts, family gatherings, maybe even a discussion or two about politics all center around the family table.

“Our dining room table is the hub of our house,” said Justin Dunn, who hand crafts the custom furniture at the Vintage Wren in Goffstown. “It may sound corny, but when people bring their whole family to give input into the design of what will be their family gathering place, I feel honored.” Read more >>>

Take Some Detours Along the Way to the Deerfield Fair

The 142nd Deerfield Fair is a celebration of agricultural life and bills itself as “America’s oldest agricultural family fair.” ...country crafts with horse-, oxen- and tractor-pulling contests, livestock shows and dog-agility competitions. In addition, there’s a large midway with games and rides, and performances... It’s well worth the trip, and visitors can make a mini-vacation of it and take in other area attractions as well! Read more >>>

Woofmeow Is a Pet Destination

The Woofmeow Family Pet Center in Dover made a big splash when it opened earlier this year, particularly with canines who took advantage of the facility’s dog pool. Mike Griffeth has created “destination resorts” for pets that he calls a family-first experience. “I think the Woofpool sets us apart,” ...“At first people thought the pool was just for older dogs or dogs with problems... but eighty percent are swimming for fun.” Read more >>>

Inner Strength with a Side of Juice

Tilton, the well-known home of outlet malls and diners, is slowly transforming into a healthy lifestyle hub. During the last few years, businesses such as Pilates, Etc. and Raw Life Café and Juice Bar have started popping up. Conveniently located in the same building, they are just a few steps away from Awakening Chiropractic, the sister company to Raw Life Café. Nola Rocco, owner of Pilates, Etc., purchased her studio last summer... and it’s been a whirlwind ever since. Read more >>>

Hollis and Brookline: Twin Towns of New Hampshire

The towns of Hollis and Brookline are twins of sorts – fraternal twins. They’re far from identical, but they’ve been more or less together since birth in the mid-1700s. They look different, have separate personalities but share so much, including a border and a school system and, once upon a time, a name.

The crack Fiddlehead investigative team spent some time taking a deep dive into this pair... Read more >>>

Queen City’s Bark City Welcomes Playful Pooches

Wildly wagging tails. Exuberant barking and stampeding paws. Just another day at Bark City in downtown Manchester.

The upscale doggy day care, salon and boutique is the brainchild of John Phaneuf, who opened the facility on Hanover Street earlier this year. Pampered pooch patrons enjoy more than 2,000 square feet of cage-free indoor and outdoor play space for fun and napping with their friends.

There are also daily report cards and webcams so owners can make sure their pups are always having a good time... Read more >>>

Meals on Wheels

Anchored trucks are the working-class heroes of the hospitality industry – grassroots cookery at a set location with a predictable menu and a chef behind the window who everybody knows.

On a recent afternoon as rain began to fall, a conga line of customers bellied up to the counter at B’s Tacos in Londonderry for burritos, tacos and rice bowls.

“Opening the food truck was a dream,” said Kenny Spilman, owner-chef, who was in the lumber business for more than 30 years before opening the moveable eatery. “But be careful what you wish for. I didn’t really know what I was getting into”... Read more >>>

Gifts for Moms, Dads and Grads

This Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and graduation time, show your mommies, daddies and graddies local love. Head to your favorite boutique, farmers’ market, craft fair or mom-and-pop hardware store and pick out something you’ll never find at the big boxes.

Shopping local is as much a gift for the giver as for the recipient. Avoiding the crowds and the monotony at malls and chain retailers is the best way to start... Read more >>>

Marking 250 Years, Meredith Is Still a Welcoming Port

Meredith is celebrating its 250th anniversary this year, and they’re doing it up big. Why not? It’s an ideal community in many ways with memorable views of verdant hills and the blue glories of Lake Winnipesaukee... Read more >>>

Summer Farmers Market Listings

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A Passion for Parrots Turned Profession

Roman’s Parrot & Toy Empire in Salem is for the birds. Literally.

The store is a blast to the senses. Walk through the front door and enter a whimsical world of toys. Think rubber duckies and red hearts, jewel-tone plastic, metal bells, rustic coconut shells stuffed with husks and hand-painted wooden blocks in red, green and purple... Read more >>>

Temple – Passage of Time Has Left it Alone

A lot of people glean their image of New England from movies, Norman Rockwell paintings or old Currier and Ives prints – quaint vignettes of dirt roads, mom-and-pop shops, brick buildings, snow-covered pines, general stores and neighbors who seem to know everyone in town.

It’s an idealized picture. But the small town of Temple lives up to the fantasy and then some.
It’s like a little Brigadoon – situated high in the hills... Read more >>>

CSA Farm Listing

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Cure Cabin Fever at Winter Farmers’ Markets

Supporting local farmers isn’t just a fair-weather pastime, it’s a year-round challenge in the northern climes. Winter farmers’ markets make it possible to offer locally raised products while, at the same time, supporting farms when cornfields are locked under snow.

“They’re great for everyone. We have products on the farm year-round – meat, eggs, syrup, hand-dyed wool yarn – and it gives us a way to sell them and get them to the public,”... Read more >>>

Winter Farmers’ Markets Listing

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How Do I Love Thee?
Express Valentine’s Day Devotion by Buying Local

We know there’s a lot of pressure to express your love for your honey each year in the middle of February. But here at Fiddlehead we like to keep all our holidays local. Below find some suggestions that not only will expresses your devotion to your significant other, but also your devotion to community artisans, artists and businesses... Read more >>>

Winter in the Lakes Region

Gunstock Mountain Resort has drawn visitors to the Lakes Region in winter since Franklin Roosevelt was in the White House, a loaf of bread cost nine cents and “They Can’t Take that Away from Me” was at the top of the music charts, but there’s more to the region than winter sports for visitors and locals alike.

“We enjoy the serenity and beauty of the lake here in the winter months... The population of Gilford drops down to 7,000-ish like-minded residents, which makes it very, small-town quaint and peaceful".... Read more >>>

Wilton’s Shared Sense of Community

A lot of people glean their image of New England from movies, TV, Norman Rockwell paintings or old Currier and Ives prints – idealized vignettes of dirt roads, mom-and-pop shops, brick buildings, snow-covered pines, general stores and neighbors who seem to know everyone in town.

It’s a bucolic image. But the small towns and villages along the Souhegan River, like Wilton, hold the promise of those idealized visions. Read more >>>

Whole Health: Essential Tools for Oil

It’s that time of year when we hear a lot about frankincense and myrrh. Steve Kesselring, owner of Your Oil Tools in Hooksett, will tell you those essences, and dozens of others, are part of his life’s work and recovery from a long illness.

The three-year-old business – the only one of its kind on the East Coast – provides “a wide range of relevant, high-quality and affordably priced essential oil tools and supplies in order to help our customers enjoy an incredible essential oil inspired lifestyle,” Read more >>>

Upcycling Inspiration

Even do-it-your-selfers need a helping hand from time to time. Not all of us can just watch an episode of Flea Market Flip or open our Pinterest apps and figure out how to turn a tired mahogany hutch into a shabby-chic desk.

Heck, some of us don’t even know where to find a tired hutch. Read more >>>

The Magical Pull of Goffstown's Hip Vibe

Goffstown Village looks more like a mountain hamlet than a suburb of Manchester. The block-long shopping district surrounding the 19th-century, Queen-Anne-style Congregational church has coffee shops, galleries and boutiques as well as a 21st-century general store tucked in a bend of the Piscataquog River in the twin shadows of the Uncanoonuc Mountains.

But it’s so much more than quaint. Day by day it’s morphing into a cozy, cultural cool place to shop, graze and gather.

“We lived in Manchester,” said David Christopher, who moved to the village almost a year ago with his wife, Sarabeth Bundzinski.

The couple, who met in art school, own and operate Finder’s Seekers, a toy boutique filled with “Star Wars” figures, Legos and other fantasy “artifacts,” like a shrine to Princess Leia. Read more >>>

A Good Night’s Sleep Lies in Healthy Bedding

Some of us live organically, eat pesticide-free foods, use toothpaste and cleaning products made with natural ingredients and do what we can to save the planet, or at least our part of it. But what about sleeping? Oh, yeah. That too.

Tucked In Organics bedding store in Amherst has you covered – literally and figuratively.

“Our mattresses are made of rubber and other natural ingredients. There is no polyurethane, formaldehyde or other chemicals,” Emily Aborn, the owner of the shop in the resurgent Salzburg Square said recently.

Aborn says a lot of her customers come in because they have allergies. “And that’s appropriate,” she said, “since I began the business three years ago because I have allergies.” Read more >>>

Nashua's Revival. Embracing the Gate City's Past

Nashua shares its name with the river that runs through it – apt given the Gate City has always gone with the flow.

It was work that drew successive waves of immigrants – French-Canadians, Irish, Greek, Italian, Polish, Lithuanian and most recently Latino, Southeast Asian and African – who have reinvigorated the city’s culture over the years.

...Every Sunday the Nashua River is the centerpiece of a weekly farmers’ market as local growers sell fruit and vegetables on Main Street on a flower-decorated bridge above the river...

Back Downtown, a river walk along the waterway is being constructed in segments. It will eventually create a 1.6-mile loop for walkers and bicyclists. Peddler’s Daughter Irish Pub has outdoor seating on one section already built. Uphill on the other side of Railroad Square, Riverwalk Café and Music Bar offers coffee and sandwiches as well as an eclectic array of music... Read more >>>

Brothers Heat Up The Barbecue Business

The boys at Stump Chunks want to light your fire.

Whether it’s a barbecue, a fire pit, a fireplace or a woodstove, a fistful of Stump Chunks will turn on the heat.

“It’s kindling and a fire starter and it is completely natural,” said Dan Roy, who owns and operates Stump Chunks with his brothers Norm, Sylvain and Dave.

According to company lore, the product was born one cold night when the brothers discovered it was easy to kindle a fire using dried wood chunks from old tree stumps. The product is 100 percent wood and contains no chemicals or additives... Read more >>>