A guide to living local in Southern New Hampshire


Food & Dining

We like to know where our food comes from. Join us and eat local. We profile chefs, restaurants, grocers, growers, and markets.

Coffee with a side of Nostalgia Served at State’s Diners

While the name originally referred to dining cars on trains, diners now include many unassuming eateries where neighbors congregate and caffeinate in surroundings as comfortable as an old couch.

They are dine-in time capsules to many, who recall Formica tables, long counters, banana cream pies and waitresses who called them “honey.”

Diners are easy to name, but difficult to describe. The earliest were... Read more >>>

Dishing It Out: Grow, Prepare, and Share at Umami 

Any fan of tofu, beef or soy sauce has enjoyed the savory taste called umami – which stands proudly next to the other four basic tastes of sweet, sour, bitter and salty.

The Northwood eatery with the same name, not only specializes in umami flavors but in the basics of fresh, locally sourced food prepared and served in a way that respects the environment. Umami Farm Fresh Café is situated on First New Hampshire Turnpike on what’s known as Antique Alley.

And there’s no better way to refuel for a treasure hunt or... Read more >>>

Moulton’s Market 

Don’t we all wish we had a Moulton’s Market in our town? It’s everything that you’d want and really need if you’re not a fan of fast-food chains, big-box supermarkets and cookie-cutter coffee cafés. It’s a grocery store, restaurant, bakery, caterer and most importantly – a community gathering spot.

Situated in the story-book historic village of Amherst, surrounded by colonial houses, pristine white churches and lush green space, Moulton’s is kind of the only game in town when it comes to food and friends, but really the only game you need... Read more >>>

Giorgio’s Ristorante is All About the People

When you’ve been around restaurants as long as I have, you develop a second sense for what their unique focus is. Some are just about the food, or their microbrews, the latest fad or a particular style or “ethos.” In other words, they’re into themselves.

Giorgio’s Ristorante & Bar is all about people – their customers, especially their regulars. You can see it in the open layout of the rooms, the intelligent yet low-key décor, the concept of both the food and beverage menus and the people-friendly pricing. Most of all you can see it in the smiles of the diners... Read more >>>

A True Brew State of Relaxation

True Brew Barista is a short walk from Main Street in Concord, but miles away from the crowds, traffic and urban angst. With its comfy couches, leather easy chairs, throw rugs and laidback atmosphere, it’s as comfortable as an old pair of shoes and is a gathering place for everyone from poets to politicians and hippies to hipsters.

It’s the kind of place that one could stop by for breakfast in the morning, for lunch in the afternoon and for beer and music at night... Read more >>>

63 Years of Tasty Tradition at Hart’s Turkey Farm

Dining trends may have changed drastically in the last 60 years, but not at Hart’s Turkey Farm in Meredith where the family is obsessively devoted to its original recipes.

“In our family, it’s all about ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’” said Sim Willey, the grandson of Russel Hart Sr., who opened the restaurant with his family in 1954... Read more >>>

At Calef’s, Everyone Knows Who Cut the Cheese

Joel Sherburne is the answer to the timeless question, “Who cut the cheese?”

For 60 years, the quick-witted gentleman with the “aw, shucks” manner has been preparing the cheddar at Calef’s Country Store in Barrington, a Granite State institution that has been providing victuals and necessaries to Granite Staters since Ulysses S. Grant was president.

A raconteur, philosopher and sometimes comedian, Sherburne has been working at Calef’s since 1957... Read more >>>

At Laconia’s Local Eatery, the Ingredients Always Come First

Which came first – the chef or the egg? In the case of Kevin Halligan, owner of the Local Eatery in Laconia, definitely the egg.

“When I was younger I had a fresh, local egg,” Halligan said. “It tasted so good, so fresh. I figured if a local egg could taste that good, what about everything else? Meat, cheese, fish – anything. I could never go back to anything else. I wanted to be a chef that cooked with only fresh, local food.”

And that dream came true. Halligan, 36, a New England Culinary Institute-trained chef, opened the aptly named Local Eatery five years ago in a portion of the town’s former train station. The 1891 structure was built in the Romanesque Revival-style, making for an intimate atmosphere with historic gravitas and unique architectural detail: high ceilings, wooden beams and lots of natural light. Read more >>>

An Herbal Fairy Tale Awaits at Pickity Place

Eating at Pickity Place in Mason is more than just indulging in a five-course meal based on seasonally fresh herbs. It’s a full-out, fairy tale experience.

The eatery is housed in the 230-year-old red cottage Elizabeth Orton Jones used as the model for her iconic 1948 A Little Golden Book version of “Little Red Riding Hood.” It’s owned by Johnson-and-Wales-trained chef Keith Grimes and his wife, Kim, who bought Pickity from the original owners in 2000. Those original owners – the Walters – opened Pickity Place in 1976.

“They grew herbs for a hobby,” said Keith. “People in the area would show up at their house, and they’d make them sandwiches and snacks, and the restaurant grew out of that.” Read more >>>

Robie’s Grows Roots in Community

Joshua and Amber Enright have stepped in and stepped up to keep one of New Hampshire’s oldest and beloved third places going strong.

Last year the couple opened the door to Robie’s Country Store in Hooksett after it was closed for more than a year; a scary prospect given that the building had been a third place for locals and visitors for nearly 200 years. The Enrights had been looking for a venue to open Roots, a new café/catering business, and found Robie’s – a perfect match.

“We’d never seen it before. We had never been here. But as soon as we saw it we knew it was the right fit,” Read more >>>

All or Nothing Freshness at Republic Hooks Seafood Lovers

Those mad for Mediterranean cuisine with a local spin have a pearl in Manchester’s Republic restaurant – especially those who love fresh seafood.

The Elm Street establishment is the dream of chef and owner Edward Aloise and his wife, Claudia Rippee, the restaurant’s baker and an accomplished art photographer.” Read more >>>

Farmers’ Market listing

Local farmers markets all over the region. Read more >>>

A Kitchen Space for Creative Chefs & Entrepreneurs

Neelima Gogumalla is not in the business of preparing food, but she is in the business of preparing food makers for market. Her Creative Chef Kitchens in Derry has been an incubator for scores of local food businesses.

“I have no background in food or restaurants; I love the entrepreneurial spirit,” she said recently. “And I have a background in that.” Read more >>>

Finding the Magic at The Flying Goose Brew Pub

The Flying Goose Brew Pub & Grille in New London has raised the bar on sustainability.

It claims to be most eco-friendly microbrewery in the state – and its beer and locally sourced pub food has set new standards as well. Read more >>>